Saturday, 24 April 2010

15. April 21 2010

On a glorious sunny but very chilly day the team gathered again at the Whitfield Sike to continue the field survey. The nesting season having begun, we have now abandoned the moorside for the spring season, and have transferred our attention to the reservoir side.

The team compares old photographs to the present day view © Jane Lunnon

Peter brought along some copies of photographs taken at the turn of the century and we were able to pinpoint the exact location they were taken, which gave us another perspective on the relative positions of the Mission building and cottage gardens.

Pat's team started on the boundary wall and northern area to the west of the Mission building, and then drew up the east bank of the mill pond as an overlap with the plans being drawn up by Ruth's team of the mill pond.

Marker flags show the top and bottom of the mill pond embankment

© Jane Lunnon

Vera took on drawing for her first time, and picked it up very quickly. Ruth drew the short straw and took the measurements from the base tape which Phil had conveniently run over the boggy marsh at the bottom of the mill pond embankment. She only actually fell over into the stagnant, smelly marsh once, though!

Ruth & Vera surveying the bottom edge of the embankment

© Jane Lunnon

Quite a few walkers ambled by, looking curiously at the strange goings-on, but few were brave enough to ask us what on earth we were up to, although we did put up notices explaining we were carrying out an archaeological survey.

Jane Lunnon, UWHG Archivist

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