Saturday, 2 April 2011

36. Friday 1st April 2011

We archaeologists are obsessed with the weather, and no wonder. With an encouraging weather forecast three intrepid volunteers met at Embsay Reservoir to finish off the last of the little anomalies in the plans. But there was none of the predicted spring sunshine and summer temperatures - just gusty, biting winds, gloomy skies and drizzling rain. Which all made the measuring difficult - with tapes blowing and pulling in the wind it wasn't easy setting up our base lines up the moorside. And the constant rain and mizzle made drawing awkward. But, we're used to such conditions up here in the Dales, and thankfully we were done and dusted by lunchtime. 

The team is now working on the Report which will be issued to various bodies such as the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority - it's proving a longer task than we anticipated, but work is progressing and we should have the report ready by the summer - hopefully....

Jane Lunnon