Thursday, 1 April 2010

12. Saturday 27th March 2010

The weather was overcast but remained dry for which we were thankful. Our second working Saturday saw a depleted survey team with just five workers
Ruth co-opted Sue and Helen S for her west survey team and continued with this area which has the greatest concentration of features to record.

© Pat Carroll

Both David and Pat had completed their initial survey areas on Wednesday so Pat and Phil moved up the hillside to work on the highest of the dams, they completed the dam but only managed part of the stream feeding it and none of the outlet.
Ruth was working near the path and had to answer the queries of the many interested walkers so her progress was a little slower.
The last few work sessions have been accompanied by a surprising loud and almost continuous sound of the frogs but today we worked in silence except for the occasional honk of a goose. No croaks, no beady eyes watching us from the surface of the water, the frogs have moved on!

Pat Carroll, UWHG Secretary & Treasurer

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