Sunday, 27 March 2011

35. Saturday 26th March, 2011

With spring in the air last week we planned to venture out again at last after our long cold winter to finish off all those little bits of the survey which needed checking and tidying up. Of course, that meant the weather changed dramatically from the warm sunshine of Friday, to the cold blasts of wind ripping through our layers of thermals and fleecies, and grey skies of Saturday. Undaunted, three survey teams worked on the Whitfield site all day, busily measuring, plotting and hachuring away. Ruth, Jane and Chris on the moor side mill ponds, Pat, Tony and Sue on the mill site itself, and Phil and Peter drawing up a cross-section profile of the whole site. There was much consultation and exchange of queries between teams as we made sure the plans all tied together neatly, and that we hadn’t missed any features out. By the end of the day we were feeling the cold getting right into our bones, but at least it’s done. Jane Lunnon

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