Sunday, 21 March 2010

10. Saturday 13 March 2010

An extra day for those people who are unable to come on a Wednesday and also to help to make up for the days lost due to the snow earlier in the year. So, a small but select band of 7 set forth on another pleasant spring day.
We also had the pleasure of the company of Kathryn – an archaeology graduate from Bradford University who is contemplating the possibility of using the Whitfield site for her dissertation for her M. A.
We separated in 3 teams of 2 with Phil taking Kathryn on a tour of the site. Work progressed, accompanied by what sounded like the roar of distant motorbikes, which we eventually realised was the croaking of a great number of frogs/toads frolicking in the ponds - spring has come!
Another enjoyable picnic in the sun (Ruth nearly lost her sandwiches to a very interested and obviously hungry dog!) and with a slight adjustment of teams, as two people had to leave early, work resumed for the afternoon.
Again we were pleased with our progress – David’s team made great strides with the big mill pond, Pat’s team completed their area of the lower pond and Ruth’s team managed to record the southern bank of the ‘Bog-bean’ pond without anyone falling into the water!
The two members who had not surveyed before said they had enjoyed the day and asked when are we going to do another Saturday?!

Ruth Spencer, UWHG Chairman

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